středa 20. května 2009

Dia del Maestro - ucitelsky den

Although technically the teachers day in Colombia falls to friday 15th May in the calendar, on our university it was celebrated yesterday, 19th May. That is to say yesterday.

Although I had to be downtown from 2pm to 4pm to finish the class "Leer la vida", I decided to come back to the UTB to see that, this probably being my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was a big sacrifice - it means extra 2 hours minimum on the bus.

It so happened, that thanks to the traffic jam I arrived only to se like last 10 minutes of the ceremony, which took place in the large auditorium - the same where our "world is yours" conference took place, with the difference being that this time the auditorium was almost full:) (the UTB employs cca 250 teachers).

At the entrance everyone received a present. It is a book, written and published by the UTB, and quite a nice peace of work I have to say, since it presents memories and summaries of personal development of some of the most distinguished teachers here. As I recently realized that reading biographies can give us excellent idea of how a certain career can be pursuited, I recognize this idea as a good contribution to the development of UTBs own staff, as well as I am sure that many of the senior professors were actually pleased to share their personal story and experience.

After the ceremony there was a cold buffet outside, including red vine, which so happened to be second time I had had vine here at all, as vine is rather costly in Colombia. There was a small band providing live music, and even some teachers took part in the singing:)

Cesky jeste dodam, ze by se tu ztratila i vehlasna "Holubova letka", nebot profesori obklicili stolky s obcerstvenim celkem neprodysne, a videl jsem i borce, ktery si syslil banketky do ubrousku a cau:)))

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