pátek 4. prosince 2009

And another on Valparaiso - friday

Why is it such a slow day again?

Well, its also not a very nice weather today. Kind of foggy. I also have to resolve my finance for next couple of weeks today - they have holiday till monday. And therefor I might need to leave sunday afternoon as later many people will be drunk etc.

So I am slowly copying all my pictures... and reading newspaper... and maybe Ill just take the trolley busride. Its not so good for taking pictures at the cerros anyways, too grey, It would not look good. Too much Zizkov-like.

I can then make it tomorow since the early morning... unfortunatelly South America is not the place for walks with the camera in the evenings.

And, when speaking about Zizkov-like, so our room in the hostel feels just like Vinohrady! High ceilings, high windows, early 20th century architecture, yellow sodium street lights coming through the window and cars roaming down stone paved street, thus emitting that characteristic sound of Slezska / Kolinska streets...

And by the way, as for architects interest, the houses here are built on walled substructures, but the rest is quite often half-timbered or framed structure, covered by wood or corrugated iron. Even so, the houses are strikingly alike with Vinohrady and Zizkov architecture in their forms! The materials are only revealed to the closer look...


and, on reading this: http://www.novinky.cz/domaci/186173-opencard-praze-nic-nevydela-prijmy-jdou-podle-auditu-soukrome-firme.html; about Prague OPENCARD, I feel once again ASHAMED by my city and country! I have just used similar Chilean card recently in Santiago... I tried to google if there was a similar scandal - I could not find anything. BANANA REPUBLIC in the heart of Europe. SOCIAL CLEANING ON THOSE M************!

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