čtvrtek 3. prosince 2009

Valparaiso - first walkaround - thursday

So Ive just come back from my first walk.

I have to say I was enchanted. And I have seen like an estimated fourth part of the area, that is supposed to be interesting! Afterall, I've visited just one of the cerros, and the downtown below in one direction from my hostel. Ultimatelly, it was the durability of my camera's batery that gave the no-go.

Valparaiso keeps its promise to be one of the most fotogenic places I've ever seen!
On the cerros, there are worthy views on almost every step. The interesting things are: architecture and details, urban landscape and views, rich street art culture (!!) ...

I went through the old city center, the main square etc. to the Cerro artileria, where, after ascend on foot, I've visited the Naval museum, and killed my battery there.

Even though I can hardly claim to be that much of a sailor, these things call my attention, for one thing the museum is very well done (the way the exhibition is presented and arranged), for second - one instantly realizes the navy's importance for the state of Chile (shouldn't be surprising taking into account length of the coastline:) - even it seems that their first ever president was previously an admiral.

So lots of pride are behind the navy and its museum, too. Besides many artefact like old decorated weapons etc., there were lots of scale models of old sailboats of different kinds, paintings, maps, and last but not least a very interesting exhibition about Cape Horn (Vojta would enjoy it) (I took photos).

So, now I am home, letting my camera recharge, and probably will go out to eat something... I still have a lots of things to do here: tour downtown in one of the old trolleys, visit most other cerros, visit neighbouring Viña del Mar... So I'll keep myself busy for some time:)

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