neděle 6. prosince 2009

Update friday night

Just an short report on friday evening.

We visited informal concert in nearby escuela de bellas artes - music academy. Then we met a pianist there (Pedro) who played a short recital just for us. Nice.

Then I went to the hostel, planning a little bit, figuring things out.

After I met up with my roommates in Irish Pub downtown (at 11). The pub owner (Nigel) is an Irish IT guy who fell in love here while travelling so he started the bar to make living. (Irlandes bar) The bar is very nice and has lots of types of beers and is quite busy. We sat there with my roommates of whom one is Irish and other guy lived in Ireland for a year, and Nigel, for some two hours, my first regular "pub" experience after a long long time, as in carribean it is almost unknown.

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