neděle 6. prosince 2009

A walk - saturday

Yesterday Ive spent first half day working out my next plans and financial situation.

Then I got lucky, because the sun appeared, and I went a long walk from our cerro to cerro Belavista, by avenida Alemania, making lots of pictures.

Which brings me to other comparisons: Adolf Born could come paint here. Thats exactly his kind of houses.

Early 20th century, eclectic historism, slightly overdecorated at times, but with the wear very romantic and having lots of fantastic, nicely preserved detailes (esp. Cerros Concepcion and Alegre), especially around doorways and windows.

Ive visited former prison, that has become an art center - its basically ruins of a prison (it worked till 200, though) covered with graffiti and street-art deco. Interesting atmosphere.

Then Ive visited Pablo Nerudas ( house... first I thought its not going to be worth iyt but it was. The house is interesting, Neruda designed it himself with lots of invention, aiming on stimulating space where you can overlook the whole harbour from almost all rooms. And, he was a passionate curriosities collector, reusing these detailes for decoration, like virtrages, door handles, artistic woodcarvings etc., which makes us a kind of kindered spirits. And there is exposition and info about Valpo itself, too, in the visitor center (

And in the night, we collectively went to eat out in a nice seafood restaurant. Good day.

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