čtvrtek 10. prosince 2009


They say you always forget the bad stuff. So this is to remembre.

Country us nice. People almost only indians. Altitude is tough. La Paz is kind of cool.

But Ive come to Titicaca, and its a paradise of tourist hassle!
Yes, the place is nice. But having always to watch so that you aren't ripped off doesn't make it any better.

Example: all the internet cafes at the main street have a fuckung cartel - so they all charge invariably 4 - 5 times more then in downtown La Paz. And - there is a cyber cafe "only for playing games online" which nevertheless charges the usual price! But off course, they won't let you go online.

Aha. So westerners are racists, homophobic people? Let me tell you, that in these tourist centres you learn something about prejudice! I bet you some people here prercieve foreigners like some kind of outer space aliens with fat purses, and not like human beings.

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