čtvrtek 3. prosince 2009

Reflexion on Valpo I

Actually, I have forgotten to write it in my last entry, so...

How does Valparaiso appear to me?
Well I have heard it being compared with Venice. And perhaps, there is something to it. A glorious port with glory already bit faded.

But I'd like to make a different comparison. Its called "cultural capital of Chile"; the sea is preeminent; the houses are incredibly placed over steep hills, and the culture really sprouts everywhere, in the afternoon upon returning to the hostel I've heard a band rehearsal, the graffitti often mentions leftism, drugs, sometimes love. So I would compare it to San Francisco.

I'd even probably prefere it to San Francisco, as a place, because its easy to navigate on foot and the lack of finance conserved houses in original state and romantic disrepair...

From that point of view, it could be compared to Zizkov as well, few spots, few run down houses do evoke that feeling. But, Zizkov, unlike San Francisco, doesn't have Pacific ocean, does it?:)


And, I said first half an hour ever I spent trying to befriend a cat. So cats are another eminent thing here. I see cats here more often then in other Southamerican places I've been to. They sleep in the doors. In the widows. On the sidewalk. And in the bus terminal. You'll meet them casually strolling down the street on their own business, much like yourself. Yes, the cats.

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