neděle 6. prosince 2009

Sunday - Valparaisos flea market and bay cruise

Todey we've started our day by a visit to flea market that culminates (to our luck) much later than in either EU or Australia. Iwas able to purchase one of the door knobs as a souvenir, to my great satisfaction.

Then we had small lunch in one of the more local restaurants near the port called Milan. It evokes 3rd category Czech restaurant but the service is much better, there is different plate for each meal etc. ... the prices higher, too.

After that we took a cruise around the bay, to see sea lions and take some pictures.

BTW I got lucky in my hostel, which Ive grown to love ( There was no availibility, so Iwas supposed to move, but around lunch when I was there to pick up my stuff, someone called to cancel, so I could stay:) It has spacey rooms with only 4 beds max, and high ceilings, great breakfasts and is run by a german - chilean couple, the guy followed his girlfriend here from Germany... there are even some old-school german table games available:)

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