sobota 12. prosince 2009

Copacabana II

Well well altitude really does stuff to you. Constant slight headache and one becomes really irritable:)

Friday - I had to leave bybus at 10AM, but because of road blockade it was cancelled. So I rescheduled for a cheaper bus at 6:30, and spent the difference on food...

I had an extra day in Copacabana really, thus. Lady in the travel service was very helpful, I spent like an hour there refixing my camera, and she gave me some tips what to see.

I went to cathedral, which is probably one of the most bombastic churches Ive ever seen. I took tons of pictures because the "no picture" sign was by the exit so I didnt see it untilk I was done.

Then I went to see local two hills with cavalries. On first there were some slacking youngsters probably cutting school so I turned it back. The other though was very cool - steep rock some 50 metersa above the lake level, with stations of cross and wonderfull view of both the town and the lake. In the end Ive spent some 4 hours there.

I had to think that carrying cross up this hill in this altitude would be very tough even for Jesus himself. I really think Golgota is much closer to sea level! Me too, I had to stop almost every 20 meters, to catch my breath.

Later, on the night bus to Cuzco Ive met some friendly travelñlers so the time passed fine.

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