čtvrtek 26. listopadu 2009

CArs in Ecuador

Well well, its a good place here to observe some weird stuff.

Obviously, South America was a big export for Japanese producers since many years. So there are some archaic Toyotas, Mazdas, Nissans to observe. Including VERY old Toyota LUV pickups = must be from 60s, as well as some Corrolas and Mazda 1300s. Also, Volkswagen had quitely developped some products here... there is something evolved from the beatle architecture but with a lot more modern body, its called Brasilia I think. Then there is also "Santana" - basically 2nd gen passat slightly facelifted and produced long beyond ceisure from "developped" markets.

Oh, and East Europe products have representation too. Beyond omnipresent Zhiguli I sam some Samaras and even 5=door Niva, which seems quite rare to me. Then, some of them are badged as FIAT so it might be really FIAT products, and there are also "Polski FIATs" - perhaps as FIAT.
SKODA is present, since the FAVORIT/ FORMAN. Seen some Favo pickup. Then there is continual presence until latest models... Ive even seen a RUMSTR.

And buses... the Ecovia / Metrobus system, which is basically the same as Transmillenio in Bogota, uses also Volkswagen, Volvo and Mercedes chassis... bodies are built locally I think even though there are some Busscars which should be Colombian. Other buses are numerous, when it comes to bodies... One think is special - strong presence of HINO chassis. You can see some pretty old trucks here, too. Now HINO is that brand that was the first to break line of TATRA wins in Rallye Paris - Dakar in early nineties. Then for us it was an unknown asian brand... well they must have known it well enough in Ecuador...

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