pondělí 30. listopadu 2009

Lima III - sunday

Sunday was a bit hectic. After getting myself together in the morning, I had to call some bus companies to see when I could go to Tacna.

I found one viable option but wasnt able to reach like a half of the carriers. So Ive decided to go to the terminals area and ask personally and evt bargain. Alas, everything is far in Lima, so at 1 PM I was still stuck with only one safe option, which was leaving at 2 PM.

Ive made impossible happen, took the bus, run to the hostel, checked out, took a taxi, and made it to - another- place where the bus was leaving from at 2:00 PM straight. I got a seat and boarded right on.

This time it was 80 soles against 50 from Tumbes, but, the bus was way better. First time since Colombia I have used my blanket and waem clothes - there was airconditioning! The bus was Volvo / Busscar doubledecker, really nice, leather seats, TV, personal lights, cup holders, curtains, tainted windows and god knows what else. They did not take any people from the street... they did not let in not even the snack vendors, which was a pitty, as I didnt have time to eat properly and was hungry. But, in the end they even gave us a little dinner and breakfast! And when they'd put the last Fast and Furious sequel on, I couldn't have been happier.

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