pondělí 30. listopadu 2009

Lima II

Well so my first day in Lima was ended by a walk downtown - ints one hour far from the hostel on bus. The center is pretty and looks much like downtown Prague - lots of pedestrian rtraffic only areas, houses repaired.

Lots of shops, fastfoods incl. KFC and Mc, cheap stores for clothes.

I have walked there for some 2 hours, from plaza San Martin to plaza Mayor, then over stone bridge, up to a church where surroundings were getting a bit ugly and it was getting dark too, so Ive turned around.

On my way back O visited museum on Plaza de las Armas (Mayor) where there was big exhibition of urbanistic progress, things theyve improved, things they build etc... The "before" section looked like what Ive expected... kind of tough. But places tyhat still look like that are scarce now, at least in the center.

Then, there was an exhibition of contest of painters under 33 years - free - there was some good stuff so Ive shoved some interest and received catalogue for free.

I then pocked up some food and went home.

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