pondělí 30. listopadu 2009

Tacna . monday

Tacna saw us in the morning at around 10 AM.

One good thing about Peru - lots of tourist facilities. So in this smalltown terminal there was a tourist info office (part of i-peru net - the smae Ive used in Lima). So I got map and all the info, left my bag in a storage room and went for a walk.

My destination - besides the center - was a local Railway Museum. Well I bravely claimed I am a student and then enmtered for 2 soles - less then 1USD. The guy didn't check. The museum only has two rooms, but they basically don't care about what and where you do, and let you explore their whole junkyard with lots of old trains, vehicles and weird machines. I was fascinated and spent there a very relaxing 2 hours. Some of the machines are Brittish from 19th century... And its all in these rundown deserted shops, where they nevertheless still take care of some ocassional maintenance. Even the artist Skala would be happy there, and - what a coincidence - my camera this time worked nonstop for the whole two hours - so I should have some good pictures.

I am currently considering the option to actually cross the border by this romantic train - its very convenient as the migration officers come on board, and then perhaps stay one night in Arica and take another connection in the morning.

I really like these little town, they are a lot less stressful, also quite economic. Only here I had the oportunity to try local specialty - ceviche - which is a meal prepared from raw fish. You should eat it before 3PM cause those are the morning fish. We are at the shore and I had it at 1 PM, in quite a reputable restaurant, where lots of local had it too. And it was an entree - a part of a menu - which alltogether cost less then 2 $ - couldn't get it so cheap in Lima I think.

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