neděle 29. března 2009

"social cleaning" v pracích studentů

Toto napsali studenti v ramci domaci prace na tema "mistni problem".
"The authorities apparently have lost the war against the violence, so a group to the margin of the law has decided to take measures. Nobody knows who they really are but some suppose it's a group of paramilitary calls "the black eagles". This group has decided to confront the violence with violence, implementing a "social cleaning", which began with the distribution of some pamphlets, mainly in popular neighborhoods where notice to the community that they will kill all thief, slut, drug salesperson, violator and any person that made these crimes and they affirm that they already have them identified. Also, any person could be in bars after 10 of the night, they recommend the teenagers spend time with their families and don't enter in problems and they also apologize with the community that this will only last some months."
"If we want to take the justice for us, that will be a bloody rain and we don't want to do that."
(Carlos Alberto)
"One of problematic today in Cartagena is the insecurity because exist bad grups. This grups are dedicated to kill person bad or good. This grups are named "social cleaner". They say all person who stay in the street at 10:00 PM will be killed."

A toto je vlastni letacek, ktery mi jeden ze studentu na mou zadost donesl. To musi byt posusnani najit ve schrance!

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